Sunday, May 13, 2007

A tale of two neighbours & a .. not neighbour !

Two houses.. supposedly neighbours.. ( Neighbour I and Neighbour E ) but for some reason they never met face to face.. they'd just pick up the phone or send their "maids" to get this or that ..

Few blocks away.. many many few blocks away another mean mean person (Meany A) once saw that one of the neighbours had a SWIMMING pool in their yard... and she decided out of the blue.. she wanted it ! simple.. and she has this habit.. once she wants something.. boy oh boy... '

She tried and tried and tried.. sometimes she'd spread rumors that Neighbour I is a nasty person and all.. but then.. it didn't work out.. she called up the MAYOR and told them that " I " sells ILLEGAL stuff.. and it was a chaos..

bottom line..

Meany A wants to burn Neighbour I's house .. in front of everyone ! 3adi.. she got her things and stuffed them on the road between I & E .. then

For Meany A to be able to put the house on fire.. they would need to stand on Neighbour E's garden to be able to throw their bottles from a farther distance ... (tactics)

So Meany A sent their First SON to E for some reason.. (no one knows)

Neighbour E decided to step out and for the FIRST TIME EVER EVER she decided to meet Neighbour E ! Rumors say that Neighbour I met E to "force/ask/pressurize/trade/etc" Neighbour E not to let Meany A use their gardens..

To be continued sometime in Season 2

hint: politics
i meant to make it in such a childish language...although it isnt a childish game at all


(ugly~beauty) said...

lo0ol this is the craziest story I ever heard I hope it won't end up like the one I know :$

فتاة الحزن said...

تبين الصراحة انا اعرف إنجليزي بس ما أداني أقرا بالإنجليزي ما أدري ليش أحس ييني صداع لأنه في اختلال يصير عندي بين العربية والإنجليزي..

بس أسلوبج جبرني أقرى ما شاءالله علييييييج ..فعلاً وصفتي السياسة الحين ..وفعلاً هالشي اللي قاعد يصير


DoTs... said...

ugly-beauty and how did the one u know end ? ;)

thank you for passing by..

فتاة الحزن ها شي أعتز به انه قدرت اجذب انتباهتش بالرغم من انه مادانين تقرين الانجليزي

بزهبلتش حبتين بانادول على طرف المدونه عن الصداع ;)

أشكرلتش مرورتش الكريم

Anonymous said...


Try to read the news, DOTS Turned from management to politics, not a good thing to do.

Tell you what dots, you got it all wrong, Meany A does not have to send kids to neighbours yard. As neighbour is already turned into a meany A from praising everything meany A does, the other neighbour is stupid enough to kill himself in the swimming pool, so no need for A,B,C or to D to do anything. Meany A did not stop at neigbour IR did it. and that was one mission accomplished in such a clean way.

فتاة الحزن said...

هلا عزيزتي

أكيد كنت تدخلين مدونتي وما تلاقين التعليق ..
المهم حبيبتي حبيت أبلغج إنه تعليقج فعلته ..

للأسف ما شفته كان ضمن السخام ..

إسمحي لنا عاد

DoTs... said...

annonymous well..u have a point.. and this is the joy of politics.. everyone READS it differently !
i hope you have a shelter somewhere in case Neighbour I decides to jump into the swimming pool first ;)

فتاة الحزن مسموحه الغاليه

DoTs... said...

annonymous by any chance did i ever mention in my blog that i am into "management" :p

MD said...

LOL just confused the crap out of me. Just use 'A', 'B' and 'C' instead of 'I', 'Q' and whatever. It's 11pm and I cannot decipher your game.

DoTs... said...

MD lol now this is what you get when u are awake @ 11 when u are supposed to be IN BED for an early day.. lol
i'll tell you the story later.. the A,I and all the voewls are the initials of the countries.. I for Iran A for America and E for emirates.. ;)

tutamon said...

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