Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bye Blogger !

Did you all have a good break from "dots" ?

Well she is back.. yah yah you can start rolling your eyes lol

I know my break was quite a bit of a break.. but at least as we say in arabic "من طول الغيبات كثر الغنايم" and i only have one thing along with me..

yup ..

that is .. save it .. rss it .. do whatever.. but i will be there.. and not here..

A Last Dot:
Bye Blogger

Sunday, May 27, 2007

An attempt to reconstruct: thoughts.. life.. blog .. dots.. until i gather all my dots.. take care..

Monday, May 21, 2007


A Lost Dot is in the process of a total makeover..

i changed the template for the time being .. but this is just a temporary template.

If you have any ideas or suggestions ... please don't hesitate..

Thank you for making A Lost Dot more "dottable" ;) ..

صفر على الشمال

كنت دائماٌ أسمعها تقول "لست سوى صفراُ على الشمال في حياته" وبالرغم من الألم الذي كان يحرقها وينثر رمادها علينا...الا إني كنت أتساءل

أليس الصفر هو الرقم المحايد في عالم الأرقام؟

أم أنه في هذه الأيام صارت الحياة تقاس بعدد الأصفار في رصيدك وحياتك وحتى أصفار هواتفك الى أن أستأصل سرطان الأرقام منا ليفرض لنا معادلة المعاملات بالأرقام؟

أليس من الظلم يا سيدتي أن تكون علاقاتنا قد صهرت وصبت لتشكل مسطرةٌ فضية وكل الأناسي حــولوا بوحشيه إلى أرقام وكسور أرقام؟

ها أنت تلبسين تاج الصفر البيضاوي اللون وتجلسين في أوسط هذه المسطره وتحركين بيديك الباردتان كل من حولك كأنك تلعبين الشطرنج ولكن بقانون واحد:

زدني حباٌ فيك...أزدك علاوة في السلم الرقمي

كل ما عليك فعله أن تكسب رضا جبروت قلبي... ولي أن أحكم كم تساوي من عملته

فمن كان أقرب لقلوبنا.. نلبسه حلل الألوف من الأرقام الى أن يكون أقرب ما يكون للمالانهايه...ولكن

الى أجل غير مسمى

ولك أن تتخيلي عزيزتي في أي درك من الأرقام ماال من حلت عليهم "لعنة قلوبنا" فلا يكفينا فيهم أنهم طردوا من مملكتنا, انما وسموا بسلبية ستسبقهم للأبد

وهكذا هم الأشخاص الذين نعرفهم..كل له قيمته الرقميه في معادلتنا

فالكل ليس سوى وليد مخاض حسابي المجهول فيها يتغير بتغير الوقت
والمعطيات تتأرجح كتأرجحات الأسهم


أعلم أنه زحزح مكاني في عالم أرقامك وما عدت هناك على ذاك العرش المرصع بالزفير المشع بزرقته..ولكني أعلم كذلك أنه للسالب خفايا..فلولا السالب لما حلقت الطائرات بعيدا عن موطنها..ولما عرف مقياس درجة حرارة صهر الذهب لتهديها خاتم خطبتها..ولما وصلوا للقمر ولبات المهندسون في حيرة من أمرهم وكذلك الغجر...

:نقطة أخيره

كثيرا ما أثبتت لي التجارب أني فاشلة في الرياضيات

Friday, May 18, 2007

Guy Fawkes Night../ V for Vendetta

To many of you, the image above is just a mask that was used in the movie V for Vendetta. To many others, it is a mask of the man who was very close to change the history of Britian.. although his plan failed.. yet till this day.. people remember him.. and his "idea"..
Guido Fawkes or Guy Fawkes as he was known was a member of the English Roman Catholics who have attempted to cary out the Gunpoweder plot in 1605... November 5th.

The Gunpowder Plot" was a plan to assassinate the Protestant King James I (James
VI of Scotland) and the members of both houses of the Parliament of England, by exploding Westminster Palace during the formal opening session of the 1605
, in which the King addressed a joint assembly of both the House
of Lords
and the House of Commons. Fawkes was in large part responsible for the later stages of the plan's execution. His activities were detected before the plan's
completion, and following a severe interrogation involving the use of torture and a
trial in Westminster Hall before Judge John Popham, he and his co-conspirators were executed for treason. Fawkes's failure (or the attempt) is remembered by Guy Fawkes Night (also known as Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night) on 5 November

Remember, Remember
The fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot
This is how the movie starts.. with the same ryhme.. Its focal point is the importance of an idea.. and that history can change by an idea.. interesting concepts .. and more lovely quotes..

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an
idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.
further quotes

If we'd talk about the effect of media on our thinking behaviour let me tell you.. as much as there are many political movies...this movie is one smart political "thought".. Yes a "thought" ..
To me.. a movie is worth watching if it made me think of things and reflect on others.. if it made me discuss it and google it and search for facts.. a good movie is one that wakes up my brain cells from their hybernation status and makes them question several things.. political/social/environmental/etc !
When u watch a movie you have all the freedom to CHOOSE whether you liked the thoughts.. hated them... found them disgraceful or unethical.. but you actually watched it and probably till the end.. you listened to what you thought was worth it.. you learnt something new .. something useful.. and you moved on without necessarly having it affecting your ACTIONS ...
What where the movies that stirred the pot of your thoughts...?
A Lost Dot
You would watch a movie..and question its concepts.. but you might not "talk" to a person with the same thought as the movie....because you don't believe in his concepts........!!!!!
how ironic..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


في قصاصات جريدة اليوم

رفض شابان سعودي وكويتي مصافحة إسرائيليين خلال المؤتمر الثالث للحائزين على جائزة نوبل الذي بدأ أعماله أمس في مدينة البتراء الأردنية بمشاركة نحو 40 من الحائزين على الجائزة.

وقال شهود عيان لوكالة أنباء يونايتدبرس انترناشونال إن الشابين فوجئا بإسرائيليين من المشاركين في المؤتمر يتقدمون نحوهما لمصافحتهما وعندما علما بجنسيتهم رفضا مصافحتهم وغادرا القاعة.ويشارك الشابان في أعمال مؤتمر الحائزين على جائزة نوبل ضمن عدد من شباب المنطقة حيث يخصص جزء هام من أعمال المؤتمر هذا العام للبحث في قضايا الشباب في المنطقة

ماذا كنت ستفعل لو كنت مكان أحدهم

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A tale of two neighbours & a .. not neighbour !

Two houses.. supposedly neighbours.. ( Neighbour I and Neighbour E ) but for some reason they never met face to face.. they'd just pick up the phone or send their "maids" to get this or that ..

Few blocks away.. many many few blocks away another mean mean person (Meany A) once saw that one of the neighbours had a SWIMMING pool in their yard... and she decided out of the blue.. she wanted it ! simple.. and she has this habit.. once she wants something.. boy oh boy... '

She tried and tried and tried.. sometimes she'd spread rumors that Neighbour I is a nasty person and all.. but then.. it didn't work out.. she called up the MAYOR and told them that " I " sells ILLEGAL stuff.. and it was a chaos..

bottom line..

Meany A wants to burn Neighbour I's house .. in front of everyone ! 3adi.. she got her things and stuffed them on the road between I & E .. then

For Meany A to be able to put the house on fire.. they would need to stand on Neighbour E's garden to be able to throw their bottles from a farther distance ... (tactics)

So Meany A sent their First SON to E for some reason.. (no one knows)

Neighbour E decided to step out and for the FIRST TIME EVER EVER she decided to meet Neighbour E ! Rumors say that Neighbour I met E to "force/ask/pressurize/trade/etc" Neighbour E not to let Meany A use their gardens..

To be continued sometime in Season 2

hint: politics
i meant to make it in such a childish language...although it isnt a childish game at all

Saturday, May 12, 2007

CNN International Chyron: "Bush Resigns" & Bush's Famous slip of tongue

Are "typos" are a reflection of "wishful thinking?" ....

An employee who was typing wrote "BUSH RESIGNS" and probably he meant to say "BLAIRE resigns" although if i was him i'd mean it the first rather than the latter.

According to the source:

This appeared on screen for 12 seconds. (Two seconds before, President Bush had
appeared on screen, but the chyron accurately said "Pressure over Iraq.")


On another note:

A slip of "fingers" can be fixed easily.. but slips of tongues especially when it is the President of The United States of America and in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.. now that is another issue

It seems the Mr. Bush did not memorize his speech so very well.. and if so.. then he needed to have them print the NUMBERS and DATES in CAPS for him to be able to diffrentiate between 1776 and 1976 ..

The president stumbled on a line in his speech, saying that the queen had
dined with 10 U.S. presidents and had helped the United States "celebrate its
bicentennial in 17 ... ." Bush caught himself and corrected the date to 1976. He
paused as if to see if the queen had taken offense.

The source had a video of the speech

A Lost Dot:

Better the foot slips than tongue

French Proverb

Johnny Cupcakes

A very very interesting story of an entrepreneurer..

He is known as Johnny Cupcakes but he doesn't sell cupcakes..

Cupcakes are his brand's logo.

For those who have an idea but seem to stagger, never underestimate your ideas. A simple one but implemented very creatively can get you to where you aim at.. and even farther.

Check out his story, his t-shirts, his brand identity and the rest.

A Lost Dot:
"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.
Oscar Wilde quotes

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced
Swami Vivekananda quotes